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Strait City Trading Co

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Fabric Belts

olive and red web belts with eagle statuetteFabric belts. Sporting embroidered web belts with leather tabs, "D" ring buckle web belts in solids and stripes as well as colorful ribbon and grosgrain fabrics. Military style double grommet web belts in popular colors. Many colors and patterns of military web belts. Wide selection of buckle styles.

Fabrics include both synthetic and natural cotton; prices start at $3.95 for the basic military belts.

Sizing: Most belts are listed by waist size. That includes leather tabbed, D-ring belts, and grommet belts. Except for military stretch belts, military belts are listed by total belt strap length.

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Cheap fast shipping

  • $3.76 for a buckle or scarf or most belts. Save more on combined orders. Shipping details.