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Strait City Trading Co

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Sequins, Beads & Foil, "Corn-row" Sequin Sashes

blue and black sequin chiffon ring belts with cobalt and gilt Koransha orchid vaseHere is a variety of bags, belts and sashes, some with scattered sequins for accent, others just covered with glittering colored sequins, some with interwoven foil thread, and some with beads of wood or gaudy colored plastic. multi-color corn-row sequin sash

On this page we have multi-colored sequin "corn-row" sashes. Each of 5 rows consists of a line of sequins sewn into a matching color net. Sashes are 2 1/2 inches wide and 63 inches long with 6 inch fringes at each end.

These belts are all variations on the same theme, and we might have sold out of the one you select. Please indicate whether you would accept a close substitute for the sash you choose.