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Strait City Trading Co

PO Box 132, Saginaw, AL 35137

Possible Shipping Delays

Strait City Trading is moving a mile down the road this week and next. We expect some shipments to be delayed during the process. Posted July 29, 2020.

Men's Leather Belts, Casual Dress

black double tube genuine leather casual dress beltReady for business or just looking your best, our leather dress belts for men will help without squeezing your wallet.

Modern technology and globalization combine to make an attractive, serviceable genuine leather belt available for less than $12 (often a lot less). More information about the costs and benefits of budget leather belts may be found here: budget vs. premium belts.

The casual dress belts shown here are cut just a little wider than our dress belts and yet look just a mite dressier than our men's casual and jean belts.