Strait City Trading Co

Strait City Trading Co

PO Box 132, Saginaw, AL 35137

Possible Shipping Delays

Strait City Trading is moving a mile down the road this week and next. We expect some shipments to be delayed during the process. Posted July 29, 2020.

Blue Jeans Belts

A clickable directory of belts that go well with jeans.
  • Heavy Leather Belts

    Heavy Leather Belts
  • Full-grain Belts

    Full-grain Belts
  • Harness Strap

    Harness Strap
  • Straight-ahead

  • Braids & Loops

    Braids & Loops
  • Pyramid Studs

    Pyramid Studs
  • Women's Strap

    Women's Strap
  • Eyelets & Stars

    Eyelets & Stars
  • Rhinestones & Brass

    Rhinestones & Brass
  • Loops & Eyelets

    Loops & Eyelets
  • Braided Pleather

    Braided Pleather
  • Double Grommet

    Double Grommet
  • Belt Scarves

    Belt Scarves
  • Belts & Buckles

    Belts & Buckles
  • Military Web

    Military Web
  • D-ring Belts

    D-ring Belts
  • Concho Belts

    Concho Belts


Cheap fast shipping

  • $3.76 for a buckle or scarf or most belts. Save more on combined orders. Shipping details.