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Sizing a Military Web Belt

Your military web belts may come longer than you need them to be. With a good pair of scissors, you can easily cut the strap down to the length you want. Here are guides in words, video and pictures that might help.


Step 1: Release strap from buckle

The buckle holds the strap in place by a metal lever with teeth. Slip your finger under the lever and pull out.

Step 2: Cut strap to desired length

The strap is just fabric and may easily be cut with a sharp knife. A good pair of scissors gives a clean cut and maximum control, however. For added life synthetic webbing may also be sealed off over a small flame; cotton may be sealed with a bead of glue like "Fray Check" from Prym-Dritz. Use due caution when cutting and/or sealing.

Step 3: Replace strap in buckle

When the strap has been cut, replace it in the guide on the back of the buckle and snap the lever back in place. Be sure to push the strap far enough into the buckle for the lever teeth to get a good bite on the strap.


Tara demonstrates one approach. Note: Please be careful with any cutting instrument.


Finger under lever

Pull lever out from buckle

Cut strap with scissors or knife

With belt in guide, press lever into place

Leave enough material for lever to get a good bite


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