Strait City Trading Co

Strait City Trading Co

PO Box 132, Saginaw, AL 35137

Strait City Trading is closed!

No more orders will be shipped. Many thanks for your business over the years!

Liberty Belt Buckles

Second Amendment, Taxed Enough Already! Don't Tread On Me! Never Mind!

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  • Gadsden Flag

    Gadsden Flag
  • Flame of Freedom

    Flame of Freedom
  • Right to Bear Arms

    Right to Bear Arms
  • TEA Party

    TEA Party
  • American Independence

    American Independence
  • Rebel with Cause

    Rebel with Cause
  • Right to Arm Bears

    Right to Arm Bears
  • National Emblem

    National Emblem
  • Old Glory

    Old Glory
  • G Washington HQ

    G Washington HQ


Cheap fast shipping

  • $3.76 for a buckle or scarf or most belts. Save more on combined orders. Shipping details.