Strait City Trading Co

Strait City Trading Co

PO Box 132, Saginaw, AL 35137

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Strait City Trading will not be shipping during the two weeks starting May 9th and ending May 23rd. Email and phones will be monitored. Thank you for your business.

Handbags & Purses, Big & Supple Bags

lime green tote with Zenny Fuentes fanciful animalsPurses, handbags, totes, and satchels. Leather, leatherette, metal mesh, sequins and beads.

Larger bags of soft synth leather with a pronounced grain finish.

  • (for "Big & Supple" bags)
  • (visual guide)
soft leatherette interlocking ring luggage strap tote
roomy square soft leatherette tote, cross-bar trunk strap ornamentation with light brass interlocking rings, slip loops, buckles and studs, double 9" drop shoulder cords, zip top
dark green
13" x 12"